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We've reached Group C in the preliminary round of the 2012 Play of the Year Showdown.

Keenan MacDougall won Group A thanks to his fumble-return touchdown against the Montreal Alouettes (which just happened to be the first game of his CFL career) and Marquay McDaniel's dive for the pylon and touchdown was the most popular choice in Group C.

Group C features another McDaniel highlight — this time it's his sprint for the end-zone to set the tone on the West Division final at BC Place. Also featured this week are a great second effort and long run by Jon Cornish, an interception-return touchdown at a snowy McMahon Stadium by Keon Raymond and a clutch, long-distance field goal by Rene Paredes. Check out the video and cast your vote. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Feb. 12.

>> Video: Group C candidates

After checking the video, choose your favourite Play of the Year Showdown highlight from Group C
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